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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School

Reading and Writing at Waterloo

Reading is central to all the children's work here at Waterloo.  We aim to foster a love of reading and books from the very start.  We have a well-stocked library from which the children can borrow books to take home and which they visit every week.  Each classroom also has its own book corner for children to use and enjoy.  Books are celebrated with work and displays in every classroom.  


In addition, nearly all children are allocated a book from our reading scheme (Oxford Reading Tree) to read at home.  This ensures children make progress throughout their time at primary school and are always reading a book that is both accessible and providing a suitable level of challenge.


Each class enjoys one or two class stories and/or novels each term.  These books form the basis of regular guided reading work in which the teacher can listen to children read, and discuss stories and other texts in more detail with small groups.   Reading high-quality fiction together as a class develops the children's vocabulary enormously; develops their knowledge of literature and authors; broadens their knowledge of the world, and has real benefits for their written work.  The class novel is often the starting point for children's work across the curriculum in art, drama and writing, and sometimes links closely with other topics being studied.  


We aim to ensure that children are always writing with a clear audience and purpose in mind.  Children write in a range of styles and genres in school - you can find more detail about this on the class curriculum pages.  We ensure that children have opportunities to write a range of stories, poetry and non-fiction each term.  

We plan for the children to write based on real, vivid experiences wherever possible, such as outings, visitors to school, or drama and speaking/listening activities.