Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


As a school we have a range of positive strategies which are used across the school to promote good behaviour; these are linked to the class rules or school values.


  • Praise is used by all staff to reward good behaviour.


  • Each class has a ‘Waterloo Values Scrabble Board’ for which they collect tiles as they demonstrate these values. When the board is completed each class receives a reward afternoon which can be a range of activities chosen by them and the class teacher.


  • Merits are awarded individually to children who demonstrate our school values. When children achieve 25 merits they are awarded a bronze certificate, 50 merits for a silver certificate, 75 merits for a gold certificate and 100 merits for a platinum certificate.


  • As part of the behaviour system each class has a golden time once a week during which a range of activities are offered to the children. This enables children to be recognised and praised for excellent behaviour.


  • ‘Learner of the Week’ awards are chosen once a week by class teachers to reward great effort shown by pupils with their learning and behaviour. These awards are presented during Friday assembly.



A traffic lights behaviour system is applied across the school.



Pupils start each session on green and receive a warning before moving up the traffic light if they display unacceptable behaviour. There are clear expectations for each class which they are reminded of at the start of each day. If a child reaches red then there are sanctions in place such as loss of playtime or lunchtime.