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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School

Look at our Summer Topic

Summer 2


Land Ahoy!

Our new topic is all about the seaside and pirates! We will be learning about the coastline and how it compares to Pudsey. We will be taking a trip to Scarborough a seaside town, to look at the coast and how it is different to Pudsey. We will then be looking at pirates, parts of a pirate ship and making our own treasure maps.

Captain Yellowbelly

We started our new topic off by reading about Captain Yellowbelly. He is terrible at being a pirate! The children have created their own version of the story and have really enjoyed how funny the book is.

Summer 1

Heroes and Villains

Our story book focus this half term is Supertato

We have enjoyed learning about the hero Supertato and how he protects his friends, the vegetables, against the villainous Evil Pea! The children enjoyed listening to the story and were then able to write their own version where they decided upon their own superheroes. These included: Superpencil, Super Teddy Bear and Super Lipstick to name a few. Hopefully these heroes are able to defeat their arch nemesis!!