Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


We hope you have all enjoyed your Easter holiday! It has been lovely to see your smiles this week and see how much effort you have been putting in at home. You have written some wonderful stories and it has been amazing to read. The maths we have seen shows us that you have remembered what we have been learning about in class and it's amazing to see how you are carrying this on at home. 

Keep it up year 2! You are doing so well! Mrs Lock and Mrs Watson are very proud of you all! Keep sending in your pictures as it's lovely to see you all. 

Remember the email address to send your messages or photos to is:

It has been amazing to hear from lots of children over the last few weeks. We really are missing you like crazy and so many grown ups have said how much you are all missing your friends. So here are some of your photos from home. Keep them coming! Send them to

We look forward to seeing them! You can even take a snap of your learning book and we will pop your learning on here for all to see.

We love history in year 2

We love history in year 2 and it was great for the children to see the new installation. The timeline shows different periods in history and the children were able to spit some of the significant people we have been learning about and then we explained about some of the areas they will learn about as they move through school.

What you need to be an explorer...

Mr Hopper came into class this afternoon (Thursday 12th March) and brought with him everything you would need to go on an adventure. It would be some of the things our explorers might have taken. He showed us all how lots of the equipment has so many different uses. Whoever knew? One of the ground sheets worked as something to sit on, when folded it could make a shelter from the rain and if you were cold it could be wrapped round you to keep you warm. The children thought it was a super demonstration and we would like to thank Mr Hopper for giving up his time. They asked some very thoughtful questions at the end of the session before Mr Hopper set off for home. 

2DW Class assembly

2DW took to the front of the hall like ducks to water. What a fabulous assembly it was! They all spoke so confidently, so well done 2DW! 

World a book Day 6th March 2020

Well, what a day it’s been! The children were treated to a story in assembly by Mr Hutchinson and then the book day continued by writing some fabulous reviews. We had stories this morning and this afternoon in the emporium. Children loved being dressed up and it was so nice to see and hear them reading for pleasure. We all made bookmarks to take home so we could save the place in our favourite reads.

Spring 2 - fractions - making half and then quarters

This week children have been learning about fractions. We started the week looking at whether the number in a given group was equal or unequal. We have then learnt the new vocabulary numerator and denominator. The numerator is the number at the top of a fraction and it is how many parts we have and the denominator is at the bottom of the fraction and that says how many parts the whole is split into. We know after this week that fractions are equal parts of a whole. 


The fractions we have learnt this week include: one half, one quarter and one third. 


We we will be moving onto others next week. If you would like to help out at home you could ask what a half, quarter or third of a number is. We like the challenge in year 2. 

Spring 1 - Owlcotes Literacy Week

As we came to the end of last half term we had a whole week of dynamic activities. We read in the magical emporium and enjoyed writing our own stories based on the story Leon and the place between. To run alongside our stories what went to different places, we created potions in spelling and if you haven't seen our art work, you don't know what you're missing! We actually made our own scratch art paper before transferring the images of our magical lands onto it. Mrs Watson and Mrs Lock were super proud of the work we exhibited on the final day and what a treat they had in store.

Mr Meech came in and we watched a magic show in the hall. He captivated the audience and everyone was stunned at the magic tricks. To make things even more magical he then spent time with both classes to teach us some tricks. Beware grown ups...a magician never gives away their tricks! We would like to thank him for giving up his time and for keeping the magic flowing!

Spring 1- reading in the library with our visitor

We enjoyed a story in the library with our visitor, but can you spot something in the background. It’s our very own Pudding Lane. What a fantastic job the children did! Who knew we had such talented artists? Thank you to all the grown ups who helped to support their child at home making one of the houses that would have been in London back in 1666. They were stunning to look at and share with the whole school in the library area. 

KS1 nativity

What superb performances on Thursday 12th December and Friday 13th December. Such loud voices, amazing acting and beautiful singing. We are all so very proud of the children for learning their lines in such a short time, for performing in front of the whole school at the dress rehearsal and for delivering outstanding performances to the grown ups too. To say they are only in key stage one...we have some budding actors and actresses in the making! Of course we couldn’t do it alone in year 2, thank you to year 1 for their superb singing and all the fabulous actions to the songs, we know you have been working hard too. 


Christmas Story workshop

We visited Pudsey Parish Church to take part in a workshop. Throughout the session the children took part in 5 activities from crafts to hearing about the Christmas story and the role of the Kings and Shepherds. The children enjoyed the activities and were so respectful while we were there. They walked sensibly on route and we arrived back to school before the blustery wind blew. Thank you to the volunteers who came to walk with us. We couldn’t do it without you!

Design technology in year 2

We have started off our enterprise week and it’s been amazing...children have made salt dough candle holders and they used different tools to make patterns and design their holder. These will be finished for the Christmas Fair so look out for them.

Our finished products

A little bit of pre learning on our trip to the Light Cinema...we hope the Grinch doesn’t steal our Christmas

We all enjoyed our trip to see the Grinch at the cinema and back in school we have read the story of the Grinch. It was a fabulous film and from the book we have learnt all about rhyming words. We talked about how rhyming words have the same sound in the word. Children were very good during a guided reading session at spotting the rhyming words and then coming up with their own. They have also designed a WANTED poster for the Grinch. It is such a lovely book to link to the season and has really kick started our festivities. 

We remembered in year 2

Year 2 love Mathletics

Pleas check in your child’s reading record for their Mathletics username and password. They have really enjoyed going on each day during maths week. Keep it up year 2 it’s amazing. We will print certificates off for the end of half term. Well done to those children who go on each really shows!

Addition in year 2

Fireworks art

After teaching fire safety to the children and discussing how to keep safe around the bonfire night celebrations, the children loved creating these firework pictures. What a creative flair they have!

When a Dr and Professor came to school...

We had some special visitors today (Friday 25th October) and they brought into school so many different scientific demonstrations. The children learnt all about gases and observing the changes in the hour long assembly. There are certainly some young scientists in the making! If the loud bangs were anything to go makes for a fabulous job being a Dr or Professor in Science. Ask the children all about it...they sure were mesmerised. 

Year 2 know all about our video to see what you can put in your green bin!

Still image for this video

Year 2 showing their musical talents and singing a super round!

Still image for this video

Our recycling display

The children have worked very hard on their writing about why more plastic needs to be recycled and how to recycle plastic in the green bin. They are now experts, so check with them if you’re unsure of how to recycle at home. 

The Ridiculous Rhyme Show

Another exciting treat as part of our themed week...and this time with a literacy focus. Joe and Andy (well known from the CBeebies show Rhyme Rocket) came to school on Wednesday 23d October  and they performed an interactive performance where children and adults laughed out loud. Their aim was to get children rhyming using words like cake, mix, box. The children in year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the performance, how amazing it was!

Themed week - This week we are learning all about this space for more!

These are some of the questions we will be thinking about this week.

Why do we need to recycle?

What can be recycled?

How do we recycle things we no longer need?

In year 2 we will be focusing on plastic and after watching and listening to why plastic is a pollutant...we now know what we need to do to help the environment. 

Romero Britto inspired butterfly art

To link our science with the world of art and geography, we have been learning about the artist Romero Britto from Brazil and how he paints and sculptures Pop art. The use of different bold colours makes pop art special, so the children have been using their new skills to create butterflies using Britto inspired patterns. The children built up their skills in the first couple of sessions so watch this space as there will be more to come. 

Our Beautiful Butterfly Release

After spending so much time learning about the butterfly life cycle and understanding the process of metamorphosis, the children released the butterflies to let them find a natural habitat. We waited until the warmest part of the day just before lunch time as this was the best time for them to find their new home. 

It was an emotional release for some and we miss the entertaining, elegant butterflies, however we have learnt so much and our children are all now experts. 

The observations over time and life cycle explanations have been outstanding. This just shows how a real life experience can provide endless opportunities of learning and we are thrilled we had the opportunity. 

Skylar’s Missing Note

Who would ever imagine a pigeon could steal a musical note? Well...poor Jen was moving home and had to entrust her piano to the removal company...only something went wrong! When she did the bubble wrap rap she didn’t anticipate one of her notes would go missing only to be found by a pigeon. This was no ordinary pigeon...he flew high and low and then where did he go next?


The children enjoyed a musical performance and workshop brought to school by a partnership involved with the Leeds Piano Competition. We watched a captivating performance and children learnt how to make music using their voices and body percussion. They also learnt some of the vocabulary associated with music including: dynamics, pitch and tempo.


Children were engaged throughout and then went on to suggest places where the pigeon might have taken the note. The train station brought about lots of different sounds from people chattering, trains chugging to hydraulic doors opening and shutting. 


A super musical experience that we will build on in school.

Our fourth and fifth butterflies finally arrived at 11.15am and 1.30pm

Today (Friday 26th September) our last two beautiful butterflies arrived. Although they were weak at first, they started to come around and the other butterflies were trying to take flight. It must have been all of the excitement. We noticed that the butterflies were tasting the nectar solution we mixed and they also tried some of the fruit we added into the net. How amazing is the process of transformation they go through!

The arrival of our second and third butterflies

Our second and third butterflies have arrived today (Thursday 26th September) and the children were thrilled. We decided this morning to try to capture the moment on video and we managed it. We will upload this when it is ready. The process has been truly spectacular to see. 

We are eagerly awaiting the other 2 to arrive, we have our fingers crossed this will be soon. In the meantime we have given our butterflies tissues soaked in nectar (a sugar and water solution) and we will be giving them some fruit.

Design and technology in year 2

Today we made healthy pitta bread pizzas. We have been learning about healthy eating and the different food groups. The children really enjoyed designing their pittas and then turning their design into reality.

Our first butterfly has arrived!

What an amazing day we had today (Wednesday 25th September) when during English we discovered someone had decided to join the year group. The beautiful, elegant butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis and we just had to learn about the next part of the process. Did you know that when a butterfly comes out it is soft and it takes about 2 hours for it’s wings to harden? We also found out that a red liquid drains from the butterfly (it looks like blood but isn’t) and this ensures that the butterfly’s symmetrical wings can harden. If you ask about what the process of transformation is...the children will be able to tell you all about metamorphosis! We are all excited to see when the others will arrive!

Transferring our chrysalises

So today (Friday 20th September) was the third day that the chrysalises had formed and they had hardened. This meant it was the day they needed transferring to the butterfly net. It was a tricky time as we had to be very delicate. You can see on the photo that the caterpillars had made several webbing tracks, this had to be removed so that when the butterflies begin emerge they will not get their wings caught. Mrs Lock and Mrs Watson were both very brave and tried their best to remove it all to give our butterflies the very best chance. Now we have to wait for 7-10 days until they emerge. Watch this space...

Our caterpillars are forming a chrysalis around themselves and the metamorphosis process begins

We have to wait for 3 days until the chrysalis’ harden and then they can be transferred to the butterfly net. It is an exciting time for our caterpillar, but during this time we aren’t allowed to handle them or even move the pot. They’re very delicate, but it is an important time of change for them. We are learning in our amazing science lessons exactly what is’s been such a captivating time so far!

Observing our caterpillars in their home for the next few weeks.

Wednesday 11th September 


The furry, chunky caterpillars are now 3cm long and the one on the lid of the pot is very cheeky!


The children are observing the caterpillars over time and have learnt all about describing the caterpillars using interesting adjectives and really thinking about what they can see. We have also learnt that caterpillars don’t create a cocoon as they are not fully encased. They partially encase themselves in a chrysalis before becoming a butterfly. This is something we will all be excited to observe as it will be the next step before our butterflies arrive. It very much depends on the temperature as to how long the process may take, but we will keep you updated. 


Working scientifically making predictions

We have been using our stem sentences to make predictions and as the days and weeks go by we will use our prior knowledge to make comparisons. Having the stem sentences has supported the children to write about their experiences and for them to expand their vocabulary.

Our new year 2 caterpillars arrived...

Wednesday 4th September 


The tiny, little caterpillars are only 1cm long but they are very wriggly. 


The tiny little caterpillars have arrived in our busy hardworking classroom. There are 5 of them in total and the children have been enjoying observing them and making predictions about what butterfly they will become. This all links to our science topic and learning about animals life cycles. It has been a great start to the academic year and the children were full of excitement when they learned we had real life caterpillars.