If you are thinking about choosing our school for your child then we are holding an open evening on 3rd Nov 6pm -7pm and an open day 10th Nov 9:30am -11:30am. Please also see the prospective parents section of the 'Parents' page.

Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School

After School Club

Extra Club after school runs 3:15-6:00pm for a charge of £8. The children can be picked up at any point during this time. We provide a snack after school which is laid out for the children to access for the first hour and a half of Extra Club. We have a wide choice of snack. Each evening there is a selection of fruit and vegetables on offer as well as a main snack which changes, such as wraps, pitta breads and pasta. Activities after school vary. Each night there is a craft activity for the children to take part in, some nights contain a baking activity to for the children to take home and enjoy. When the weather is good we take equipment outside for things such as mini Olympics and den building.


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