Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Key Dates and Information

All key dates and information will be posted on this page as well as in the window of the classroom. Other key dates will be posted in the school newsletter, and letters will be sent out for any trips. 


Our PE day is Monday. Please come to school wearing your PE kit and sensible shoes.

Reminder of PE Kit - plain white t-shirt, black or navy tracksuit, black or navy shorts for the warmer weather and any comfortable trainers.

Please bring a water bottle. Earrings to be taken out or covered up with plasters/tape.


Library Books

Every Wednesday afternoon year 1 will visit the school library where they can choose a reading book to take home. This book must be returned the following week to then choose a new one. If the book is not returned then they will not be able to take one out until the previous book is returned. 



Homework will be given out on a Wednesday and then it will be due in the following Monday. Spellings will also be given out on a Wednesday. With the spelling sheet, children can practice reading the word, saying it out loud and then writing it down. If they wish to, they can write a sentence with one of the words in to show they understand the context of the word. 


Training Days

Monday 2nd September 

Friday 20th December 

Monday 6th January 

Friday 22nd May 

Monday 20th July 

Key dates for the year 




Thackray Medical Museum Workshop - Monday 7th October 2019 

Children are able to come dressed up as a nurse or solider for the day. We will participate in a workshop and do other activities within the day. 


Harlow Carr Garden Centre with Spring into Spring workshop - Monday 27th January 2020 

Letters to be sent out later in the year for more details. 


Tropical World with Eat or be Eaten workshop - Thursday 14th May 2020

Letters to be sent out later in the year for more details. 




Thursday 12th December - 9.30am 

Friday 13th December 2.00pm


Class Assemblies 


Wednesday 25th June 2020 - 9.00am 1NB

Wednesday 2nd July 2020 - 9.00am 1KS


These will showcase all what we have been learning about. 



Meet the teacher 2019-2020