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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


Welcome to Music at Pudsey Waterloo


Music is so important to us as a school and we use music in many ways. Throughout school from the moment children enter each day, music can be heard. One of our favourite days of the week has to be Thursday when we have key stage singing assemblies where everyone comes together to sing our latest repertoire.

Children from nursery up to year 6 are encouraged to explore different sounds and instruments. Everyone has the opportunity to learn the recorder in years 2 and 3. Then, when they become more familiar with notation, they are able to progress in year 5 to playing the violin or guitar, which they can then continue with in year 6. Children in all year groups are exposed to a wide range of high quality recorded music from great composers and musicians to promote the love of music in the classroom on a daily basis.

Linking with other primary schools and secondary schools in the local area allows us to share good practice and we are supported by Artworks so that children can also experience live music performances, whether that be in school or in music venues. 

Mrs Lock also runs the choir in school and many children have performed in various venues for our school families and the local community. Photographs can be found in the events section on the website.