Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


In Reception we have curriculum goals for each area of learning. These curriculum goals are what we hope all of our children demonstrate when leaving Reception ready for Key Stage One. 

Please see below our currciulum overview. This outlines the themes we will be learning across the year. 

Summer Term 1


Our learning theme this half term is All Creatures Great and Small. During this topic we will learn about different animals. We will learn the names of animals and their young and we will look at different lifecycles. To help us to do this we will be looking after chicks. We will have a delivery of 10 eggs which will live in an incubator until they hatch. We will look after our chicks for 10 days until they are returned to the farm. We will also be learning the story 'Handa's Hen' which we will be retelling and then innovating. In maths we are learning about numbers up to 20. We are doing simple adding and taking away using the words First, Then and Now. We will also name simple 2d shapes. At the end of this half term we have our 'Express Yourself' theme week. Within this week we will also be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee by having a party. 

Spring 2


Our theme of learning for this half term is 'Who can we ask for help?'. During this topic we will be learning about all the different people who can help us. We will look at the people who can help us at home and at school and then look at the people in the community who can help us, such as police officers, fire fighters, doctors, dentists, nurses etc... 


The children will have opportunities to ask questions to find out more information and to write information booklets and fact sheets about how different people help us. 


Please see below the knowledge organiser which outlines the key vocabulary and the key knowledge we would like the children to know by the end of the half term. 


Spring 1


Our theme of learning for this half term is 'Build It'. During this topic we will be learning about buildings around us and how building have change during time. We will be finding out about well known landmarks along with our houses and looking at our route from home to school. 


The children will have opportunities to visit the local area, use and create maps and see how Pudsey has changed in time. 

During this topic we will be taking part in 'Cardboard Chaos day' For this the children will be encourage to plan and design a costume or prop (to accompany their costume) which they will be able to wear for the day (The date is yet to be confirmed) 

Autumn 2


Our theme of learning for this half term is 'Celebrations'. During this topic we will be learning about the different celebrations people have, for example, Bonfire Night, Birthdays, Weddings, Diwali, Christmas etc... and how they are celebrated.


The children will have opportunities to write invitations and lists and they will become a party planner where they will plan a party which we will have in school. 

Autumn 1 


Our theme of learning this half term is 'Who are we?' Throughout this topic we will be developing the children's knowledge of themselves and others, their families and the families of others.

The focus will be on family members/ groups who live together; relationships (brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin)