New Reception Parents 2024: Please contact school if you would like to come and have a tour of the school.

Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


In Reception we have curriculum goals for each area of learning. These curriculum goals are what we hope all of our children demonstrate when leaving Reception ready for Key Stage One. 

Please see below our currciulum overview. This outlines the themes we will be learning across the year. 

Please see below a copy of the Owlcotes Elements. These are additional to our curriculum that enhance the opportunities our children receive.

Autumn 1 


Our theme of learning this half term is 'What makes us unique?'

Throughout this topic, we will be developing the children's knowledge of themselves and others, their families and the families of others.

We will start the term by reading the book 'Super Duper You' looking at all the different emotions we might feel. This will then lead to introducing the children to the Zones of Regulation which are used throughout the school to help children regulate and manage their own feelings.

The focus will be on family members/groups who live together; relationships (brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins). We will be discussing our likes and dislikes and reading the text 'The Big Book of Families.'


Autumn 2 


Our theme of learning this half term is 'Around the World'.

Throughout this topic we will be exploring different countries around the world. We start the topic by looking at the book 'The Everywhere Bear' and thinking about where in the world he could have gone. He eventually finds himself in India and we will talk about the similarities and differences between India and Pudsey. We will learn about the weather, the landmarks and where they are on a map. We will also be learning about different celebrations from around the world. 



Spring 1


Our theme of learning this half term is 'Once Upon a Time'. Throughout this topic we will be learning about different stories. We will be focusing on two traditional tales - Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We will be retelling these stories and then we will make simple innovations to the original stories. We will also set up The Three Bears cottage in the role play area to help develop children's story telling.



Spring 2


Our theme of learning this half term is 'Build It!'. Throughout this topic we will be looking at different buildings in Pudsey. We will start with our own homes and then our school and then we look at the buildings in the centre of Pudsey. We will also look at how some of these buildings have changed over time. As part of this topic we will be following and creating simple maps showing our route to school and our route through Pudsey. We will be going on a local area walk to see the different types of buildings that we have in our local area. We will also be learning the story 'The Three Little Pigs' and looking at different materials used in buildings. 



For each theme of learning we have knowledge organisers which outline the key knowledge and vocabulary that we will be teaching the children. 

Please see below.