Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Home Learning

Year 1 Questionnaire

We would like your child to complete a short questionnaire about their time in Year 1; what they have enjoyed about the year, what their favourite subjects are and why they have enjoyed them, what clubs they were a part of and what school events they enjoyed.

To complete the survey, just click on the relevant class link below and complete the questions. When you click on ‘done’ the results will automatically be sent to us.

Reading in Year 1

Please remember as part of the children's home learning it is important to read at home. We have asked for at least 3 times per week, but more often will support your child with their reading journey. 


We will be sending some children the tricky word sets home over the coming weeks and would appreciate if you could also try to go through some of the flash cards. They can be done in small blocks so that it is manageable for the children. Again, this is to increase the fluency of these words when reading, which in turn can help their understanding.