Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


Visit from the chicks. 


Reception have had the special job of watching the new born chicks hatch over the last two weeks. We were very lucky in Year 1 and got to have a special visit from the chicks. We were all very careful not to be too noisy and scare them when they came into our classroom. We all had a stroke and some of us even had a hold. 



This week all of Year 1 have been working hard during Bikeability. The children listened well to the instructions given to them and put all of their skills together to successfully ride a bike. Over the course of the three days, the children used balance bikes before progressing onto pedal bikes. We are extremely proud of the children as we could see such determination during the lessons. It was delightful to be able to share this important memory with some of the children, well done to you all. 



Yorkshire Wildlife Park


We had our first school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park this term. We had looked at the different animals we might see during the school trip and it is safe to say we were all very excited to go! When the day came we ensured that we were all ready with a packed lunch as we headed off to the coach. It was a long journey to the wildlife park but the children did amazing to keep themselves and the adults occupied. When we arrived at the park we went straight off to find the animals! We saw tigers, rhinos, giraffes, camels and many more. We had a quick lunch break in the park before heading off for more fun!!


After lunch, we had a special talk from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park staff. During this time we learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals in the park, including their names. We then had the opportunity to look closely at some of the small animals which included a cockroach, a giant African snail and lizard. The children were all very brave during this time and some were even brave enough to hold these amazing animals. 


Finally, we went back to look at even more animals. Miss Bertram's class went to find the red panda as Mrs Lock's class were able to see this in the morning. We finally found the red panda and were able to head back to the coach after a long day! 


All of the grown ups would like to say how amazing the children behaved during the trip. It was a long day, with lots and lots of walking, but the children were fantastic! We even had a few needing a nap on the coach journey back home! Well done everyone, it was a great day and a fantastic memory of our time in Year 1.