Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School




This week in Art we have been exploring primary colours. We discussed what they were and why they were primary colours. We then went off to use these colours to paint different pictures. Once we have looked at primary colours, we will then move on to secondary colours and create our own colour wheel. 

Story Path - Our theme week. 


This week we have been exploring a new book called 'The Story Path'. This book really challenged us to use our imaginations when creating our own stories. We could pick the character, the setting, magic props and more. We enjoyed experiencing the different settings in an afternoon full of role play. We transformed the classrooms into three different areas which helped the children to really imagine they were in those different settings. We thought about what we could see, hear and smell in each place. We then had an opportunity to imagine being the different characters. We had a go at hot seating in the classroom and the children were great at imagining they were wicked witches, terrifying trolls royal prince and princesses. It was a great week and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the children's imaginations flow. 

World Book Day!! 


We had a fun time celebrating World Book Day in Year 1. We saw lots of amazing costumes and some children even brought their favourite book to share. We enjoyed reading throughout the day and completing lots of other fun activities.