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Pudsey Waterloo

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L.C. Does temperature affect water transportation in plants.


This week we are doing an experiment to find out if water travels up the stem of a celery stick more quickly if its put in a warmer place. It would be best to do this test in the morning as you will need to put a lamp over one of the celery sticks through out the day.


To do this experiment at home, you will need the following:

  • Food colouring (Bright colour like red or blue would be best)
  • x2 celery sticks (ideally with leaves)
  • x2 cups (half full with water)
  • A desktop lamp (For heat)


1. Watch the video to learn about the transportation of water.


2. Make a prediction. Do you think the water will travel quicker under the lamp or slower?


Make sure the following things are the same for both experiments:

Size of celery stick

Amount of food colouring

Amount of water

Amount of air and sunlight.


3. Experiment instructions

a) Fill the cups half full of water.

b) Put food colouring in each (the more you put in the clearer the results will be)

c) Cut the ends of the celery sticks and place the cut end of the sticks in the cups first.

1 celery stick per cup.

d) Put a desktop lamp over one of the celery sticks. (Put the lamp on in the morning and turn it off before you have your evening meal) 

e) On your activity sheet write what you can see between the 2 celery sticks. 

f) Before your evening meal, check on your celery sticks again (fill in part on sheet) and remember to turn off the lamp.

g) Next morning, turn the lamp back on (fill in part on sheet).

h) Before you evening meal, turn off the lamp. Check your celery sticks and write the final observations on your sheet.

i) Finally, fill the conclusion part on the sheet. Were you correct? Which celery stick transported the water the quickest? Hot or cold.


The Color-Changing Celery Experiment!

Activity sheet - Use this to write your observations and conclusion for the experiment.