Get your costumes ready for 'World Book Day' on Friday 6th March. Children can come dressed as a book character or in their pyjamas for a day of book filled fun!

Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Other Subjects

History and Geography

History and Geography are used as the main drivers for our topics in school. We enrich our topics with lots of writing and art activities whist ensuring that the children develop a broad range of historical and geographical skills and knowledge. We have created knowledge organisers for each topic which outline the key knowledge children will learn and apply. Please visit the year group pages to find the curriculum overviews and knowledge organisers.


PE and Games

All children have weekly PE and games lessons which follow the national curriculum. As a school we recognise the importance of physical activity and pupils come to school in their PE kit to ensure the children spend a significant amount of time each week engaged in sporting activity.

For more information please click on  the link below for the PE and games long term plan. 


Art and Design and Design Technology

Art and Design activities are an integral part of our curriculum and pupils learn a range of techniques and skills. These are often linked to our main topics or explored during focused theme weeks.



Every child does computing at least once each week. Our curriculum gives the children access to a wide range of software so they can experience computer programming, data handling, multimedia software and simulations - please click on the link below to see the long term plan overview.   



As a school we follow the Leeds PSHE scheme of work - please click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the overview of this.



We follow the Leeds agreed syllabus for RE - please click on the link below to see an overview of this. 



As a school we follow the national curriculum and provide children with a range of opportunities to develop their skills. All children have regular singing lessons as well as learning recorder in year 3 and guitar/violin in years 5 and 6.



Children learn Spanish in years 3-6 following 'La Jolie Ronde' scheme. They develop their Spanish through a range of singing and speaking and listening activities.


Theme Weeks

As a school we have 3 whole school theme weeks each academic year. These are focused on a specific subject and enable children to develop a deeper understanding  of key people, places or events. The whole school then works together to produce a collection of work to celebrate the week and this is shared with parents.