Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Homework is given on a Wednesday to be returned to school on the following Monday.

Homework due Monday 14th October 

Number bonds to 20 with an extension to write the fact family for the numbers.

We have been working on number bonds to 20 for the last few weeks now and have learnt how to write the related facts to the numbers. This means that children can use the same 3 numbers to write 2 addition and 2 subtraction facts. 

E.g. 1+19=20 / 19+1=20     and        20-1=19 / 20-19=1 


Homework due Monday 7th October

We have asked the children to create a butterfly by painting, drawing or making one for out classrooms/displays. If they are done in books we will aim to photocopy these and laminate them so that they can go on display. 

Homework due Monday 30th September 

Talk to your grown ups about what you know about the metamorphosis process. How does a caterpillar grow and change? What do you know? What can you remember about the process? How long does it take? Tell your grown ups all about what we have been learning about.