Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Home Learning

Remember if you would like to share your child's work please email

It would be lovely to see what you have been up to at home. If you have already sent some photos keep checking in to the gallery and they’ll be uploaded there! 

We hope this week's learning finds you all well and we know you will see a lot of documents. We have moved to our Geography unit now so we have includes the knowledge organiser and also a map. The sheets don't have to be printed and can be done in the book, paper or online and a photo taken. If you have any problems, please drop us an email and we will endeavour to help. 

We hope you are all taking good care of yourselves and remember we are here for you if needed. 

Mrs Lock, Mrs Watson and the Year 2 team

Welcome back to Summer 2 - We hope you have enjoyed some family time this week and the next home learning plans are uploaded ready for the week ahead. We are still missing you all so hope you are taking good care, especially in the sunshine!

Letter to parents Easter 2020

Please find above the learning challenges for next week. We hope you are managing to complete them and are enjoying some of the additional activities we have suggested. If you enjoyed listening to the story with Mrs Lock, we hope to bring it back to you soon. We are just seeking permission from the Author/Publisher, so hopefully we will bring it back to you soon. Keep safe and keep smiling! Year 2 Team