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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


First activity - observation of our chrysalis'. 

LC: To write an observation.

Take a look at the pictures below. These are our chrysalis'. We have now taken them out of their pot as they had woven a web and attached themselves to the lid. We took the lid off and have balanced the lid inside a large net. You can see the net in the first picture. 


You need to draw a picture of the chrysalis' now and then write up an observation of what you can see from the pictures.


 Chrysalis' in the net


Close up

Second activity - quiz time!

Have a go at some of the quizzes on the KS1 science links below. We would like you to look at quizzes on anything to do with living things/animals and their habitats. There are 3 main links for you to explore all the different types of quizzes and then we have picked some good ones out for you to have a go on.


Once you have had a play, we would like you to design your own quiz on living things/animals and their habitats. You can then challenge your class mates on the Wednesday morning call! Have a look at some of the quizzes to get some ideas. You could do multiple choice answers, a word search, a cross word puzzle, true or false, matching answers - there are lots of different ideas! Be as imaginative as you can. You could even include drawings. 

Try these wordwall quizzes!