Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School

Guided Reading

This week in Guided Reading our learning will be based on the storybook What the Ladybird Heard. 


Wednesday: Please can you read the story What the Ladybird Heard so that you are familiar with it. You can read a copy you may have at home or follow the link below. You can then discuss the story with an adult and answer the following questions: 

Who is the author of the story?

What does the author do?

Can you find any unfamiliar vocabulary in the story?

Can you have a go at guessing what these words mean before asking an adult?

Who do you think is the main character in the story?

Who is your favourite character? 

Thursday:  Please complete the thoughts and feelings sheet relating to the story. Have a think about what the characters might be thinking or feeling. You can then write a sentence in the bubbles. 

Friday: Please have a read of your home school reading book if you haven't already done so over the holidays. If you have, you can find another book that you would like to read independently. You could then complete a book review for your story. A template for a book review is below.