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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


This week in English we are going to be retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The story writing activity will take place over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The version we have been learning in class is in the link below. The children have spent lots of time orally retelling the story and have made their own story maps to help them remember. 


There are two formats below. One is all lines for the children confident enough to write their own retell of the story. The other has picture prompts to remind the children about what happened to help them write their story. 


There is a word mat also included which gives the children key words they need for the story.


There is also a link to the starter we would do in class looking at -ed endings and how we spell them. This is a revisit activity as the children learnt about them on Friday. Hopefully they remember what they are!