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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School



Superhero Fun Day


This half term we have been focusing on the story 'The Three Little Superpigs'. We looked at the different characters and started by writing our own character descriptions. We then retold the story using the Talk 4 Writing actions before innovating it and changing some of the parts. We then became authors of our own stories and we had some amazing ideas!


To finish our learning, the children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite superhero for the day! We saw many amazing outfits and heard lots about the different super powers the children had. Throughout the day we completed lots of tricky super learning activities and finished the day of with decorating a super biscuit. Next week, the children are going to have a go at writing a character description on themselves, based on their costume or powers from the dress up day! 

Materials are everywhere!! 


This half term, in Science, we have been learning all about materials. Our lessons started by understanding the definition of a 'material'. We then looked at different common materials which we were able to explore physically during our science lesson. We then sorted different objects into the corrects and also went on a hunt around the classroom to see what other materials we could find. 


Once we could identify and name many different materials we began to look at their properties. We were introduced to lots of new vocabulary when doing this, we also understand that a material can have more than one property. 



This term in PE..... 


We have been developing our ball control and skills. We began by improving our defending skills, we worked in pairs and had to try our best to stop our partner scoring in the goal. We had to make sure we were really alert during this activity and moved our feet quickly to ensure we could intercept the ball before the goal. 


We then practised controlling a ball in different ways, again trying to score goals against our friends. We used our hands to control the balls and progressed from rolling, to bouncing and finally to striking the ball towards the goal. We had to ensure that we had good, controlled movements over the balls to ensure out shots were as accurate as possible! We worked with a variety of different balls and discussed how we had to adapt our methods when working with a new ball.