Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Autumn 2

Our theme for learning this half term is 'Let's Celebrate'. 

We will be using this half term to learn more about different celebrations. We will look at a range of celebrations including birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Diwali and more. We will then discuss which celebrations are important to us and share our experiences about them. 

Our trip to Jackaboo's 

Our small group visit for this half term was to Jackaboo's. The aim of the visit was to understand the role of a party planner to help the children incorporate this into their role play. The children were met at Jackaboo's by a party host who assisted them in planning what party food to put on the plate, choosing different items for the party bags and ensuring the party guests have a fun time! The children then stood up in front of the rest of Reception and talked through their visit confidently. The children had a great time and brought some useful knowledge to support our theme of learning this half term. 


The Scarecrow's Wedding!

Over the past two weeks we have been focusing on The Scarecrow's Wedding by Julia Donaldson. We used Talk 4 Writing actions to help us remember the shortened version of the story. We then used these actions to help us retell the story during carpet time. The children enjoyed doing this and happily took the story into different areas of provision. They were role playing the story outside, using the different puppets to retell the story in the small world area and creating their own story walks or story maps. We then innovated the story to create our own version which we called The Scarecrow's Birthday. 


Football skills with Next Generation

Over the past few weeks Karl from Next Generation has been in teaching the children some new football skills. The children have focused on moving around whilst keeping control of the ball. They discussed the difference between soft touches and hard touches. They also highlighted the importance of using your eyes to look for space before moving the ball. The children then completed team games which they enjoyed. 


Remembrance day!

At the beginning of the we focused on the importance of Remembrance day. On Monday morning we were invited to a whole school assembly which discussed why this was a special day to some people. We spoke about the resemblance of poppies and why people chose to wear them. This lead to some children confidently discussing why they remembered some of their own family members on this day. We completed different activities throughout the school day before making our very poppy biscuit.