Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Autumn 1

Our theme for learning this half term is 'Who we are'. 

We will be using this half term to explore and share different things about ourselves. We will be looking at what makes us unique, things that are special to us and our likes and our dislikes. We will be exploring our local areas and recreate our own home routines through our role play. 

To celebrate all our hard work this half term we decided to have a spooky Halloween day! Throughout this day we completed lots of different activities. We used our phonics knowledge to help us write Halloween themed words, we used our counting skills to count spooky objects and we used our curiosity to explore the pumpkins. The children enjoyed carving out the pumpkin seeds before designing their own scary face to carve. At the end of the day we danced to music and worked in teams to try and win the party games. It was a very enjoyable day and the children came prepared with some amazing costumes! 


Our trip to Asda! 

This week we have been learning about familiar places in our local area. We discussed different shops and areas the children might go to. The children were familiar with the Asda in Pudsey and this became a topic of discussion. The children enjoyed sharing their experiences of when they have been to Asda and what kind of things they saw in there. We decided to use this as a prompt for our role play area and booked a small group visit to Asda. During the visit the children were able to use the hand held scanner to print labels for the food in addition to scanning the shopping through on the tills. We were then lucky enough to bring back some resources to use in our own Asda role play area which the children enjoyed helping to develop. 



Mr Bellwood and Mr Wright have taught us some great PE skills this half term. We began by working on our co-ordination and spacial awareness. We traveled around the hall in different ways making sure we didn't bump into our friends. We then began using beanbags when travelling to make it a little bit harder. We had to balance these on different parts of our bodies, whilst making sure we still didn't bump into anyone!! Once we had enough balance, co-ordination and spacial awareness we started working on our ball skills. We practiced moving with the balls in different ways as well as developing our throwing and catching. 

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Our first week in Reception!

During our first week we have spent time getting to know our new classroom. We have enjoyed exploring the different areas of provision both inside and outside. We have been able to explore alongside our old friends in addition to making lots of new ones too. It has been a very exciting and enjoyable week for us all!