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Pudsey Waterloo

Primary School


Before half term in art, you started learning about an artist called William Morris.

As you have learnt, he was an artist during the Victorian era and he created designs of floral patterns that could be repeated by block printing techniques. 



We would like you to use your floral design (created before half term) to create your own wallpaper by repeatedly printing it.

So you would need to use resources at home to create your floral design (see below) and then use paint to create a repeating design.


Printing suggestions at home

Sponge shaped into your floral design

Lollypop sticks shaped into your floral design

Leaves and flowers from your garden/daily walk


We would like you to be creative with your repeating pattern design. If you do not have paint at home, you could draw your design on paper and then cut it out to create your floral design. You could use felt tip pens or pencil crayons to create your design on paper.