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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


At Pudsey Waterloo Primary School we believe that P.E has an important role to play in our curriculum, promoting a healthy lifestyle, encouraging pupil's to develop their physical skills, and increasing their confidence in areas across the curriculum.


Our school is part of the Priesthorpe School Sports Partnership, which aims to improve the abilities and increase the enthusiasm of all teachers and children, in their teaching and learning of PE. The scheme encourages links between high schools and primary schools and keeps staff informed of current developments in the subject. Our wide ranging P.E curriculum includes gymnastics, dance, games, swimming and water safety (Year 4), athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. In our Foundation Stage we encourage children to develop confidence and control of the way they move, and the way they handle tools and equipment. They are given the opportunity to undertake activities that offer appropriate physical challenge, both indoors and outdoors, using a wide range of resources to support specific skills.

As well as using a variety of teaching and learning styles in order to develop the children's knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of physical activities, we also encourage children to take part in a number of extra curricular sporting events. These include during and after school clubs (netball, athletics, basketball to name a few!), as well as inter school tournaments (such as tennis and cricket) and sports orientated trips including a trip to the Depo (year6).

Children are also encouraged to keep themselves active on the playground with lunchtime activities clubs once a week per year group.

PE curriculum and coverage