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Monday 27th March 2017


We were excited to hear about the accidental discovery of a skeleton in our school playground this week. As a year group, we had discussions about what the skeleton could actually be and then in the afternoon we got to go dig it up. We carefully used brushes, shovels and trowels to help us.

Digging for dinosaurs

Digging for dinosaurs 1
Digging for dinosaurs 2
Digging for dinosaurs 3
Digging for dinosaurs 4
Digging for dinosaurs 5
Digging for dinosaurs 6
Digging for dinosaurs 7

We found out the skeleton was actually a Deinonychus


Picture 1

We had lots of fun dissecting daffodils to find and name the different parts of the plant. We worked well in small groups and learnt lots from the experience.

Dissecting daffodils

Dissecting daffodils 1
Dissecting daffodils 2
Dissecting daffodils 3
Dissecting daffodils 4
Dissecting daffodils 5
Dissecting daffodils 6
Dissecting daffodils 7
Dissecting daffodils 8
Dissecting daffodils 9
Dissecting daffodils 10
Dissecting daffodils 11
Dissecting daffodils 12
Dissecting daffodils 13
Dissecting daffodils 14

Science Week


We had lots of fun experimenting with changes during science week. We did lots of experiments, which prompted lots of question asking, thinking about how these changes happen. In year 2, we particularly enjoyed the sweet investigation. To begin with, we predicted what might happen to Skittles once they are added to warm water and thought about questions we would like to find the answer to. We carried out the investigation to see what happened! 

Here is what happened when we added warm water to a plate of Skittles!

We then chose our own sweets to experiment with and watched what happened closely!

Our new topic is Roots, Shoots and Magic Beans. We will be reading different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, comparing how they are similar and different. We are then going to write our own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk e.g. Sally and the Ice Cream stalk or James and the hotdog stalk!

What adventures will be written? 

Our topic for Spring 1 will be:

Monarchy Tales


Our first writing topic will be all about Queen Victoria's Knickers!

Our first writing topic will be all about Queen Victoria's Knickers! 1