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  • In our school everyone has the right:
  • To feel safe and happy
  • To learn and be successful
  • To be respected.

Look at our Autumn Topic

Autumn 1


Our topic this half term is 'Going on Safari'

In this topic we have looked at the Continents, Oceans and African countries. 


In topic children have used the book Handa's Surpise and created their own stories. We have painted African Safari scenes using watercolours and have experimented with shades of colour and silhouettes.



Autumn 2


Our topic this half term is 'Who Lives in a Place Like This?'

This half term we have been looking at different habitats including the sea, jungle, arctic and woodlands.

We have looked at the different types of animals and learning about herbivores, ominivores and carnivores. Additionally, the children looked at food chains.


In English we have looked at poems, recounts, non-fiction texts and instructional writing. In maths we looked at place value, addition and subtraction and money – linked to enterprise week.

On a wet and windy morning the children went on a local walk to the Gib. Children had to look at what animals would live there. They enjoyed seeing and hearing the birds and watching the donkeys wat grass in the field.