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  • In our school everyone has the right:
  • To feel safe and happy
  • To learn and be successful
  • To be respected.

Learning in the Summer

Summer 2 2017

Our theme this half term is…

‘Animals in our world’


We will be learning about:

  • Creatures under the sea

  • Pets

  • Farm animals


Ways you can support your child this half term…

  • Talk about what animals look like, where they live and what sounds they make.

  • Discuss how to care for pets. We would love to see any photos of pets in the family.

  • Visit a local pet shop and look at what pets need.

  • Visit the animals in Pudsey Park or Tropical World. Any drawings could be brought in to share and put in profiles.

  • Visit Pudsey Library and find some books about animals.

  • Play ‘A year on your farm’

Summer 1 2017

Our theme for learning this half term is...

Where we live

We will begin by talking about our Easter holidays. We will then think about where we live and where we visit in the local area. We will end the end the half term by thinking about Pudsey Carnival.



Ways you can support your child this half term…

  • Talk with your child about what they have done and where they have been.

  • Look at the outside of your home together. What shapes can they see? What can they find inside of the same shape?

  • What numbers can you see around you? Point out house numbers, bus numbers, number plates, prices in the supermarket etc

  • Point out signs when you are out and about.

  • Draw simple maps together