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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Key Dates and Information

Summer 2019


Welcome to a new term!


Our topic this term will be Anglo Saxons and Vikings.  We will covering this topic in history, English, art and Design and Technology lessons.  

You can help by finding out all you can about this period of history using the internet, TV programmes and reference books or the local library.


In Maths, we are focusing on counting with decimal numbers, ordering and naming decimals and using them in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We are using numbers up to three decimal places.


In PE we are focusing on cricket, rounders and other bat and ball games as well as following our multi-skills Real PE programme.


In Science, we are studying forces including gravity, friction, air resistance, and water resistance.


You can find knowledge organisers with all the key information for both our science and history topics below.  Your child should also have brought one each of these home.


Homework continues to be set on Friday for completion by the following Wednesday:  this will normally be a spelling activity and three mathletics tasks.  In addition, please make sure your child is reading regularly - at least three times a week.


Don't forget to encourage your child to log on to Times Tables Rockstars and Reading Plus whenever you're able.

Anglo Saxon and Vikings Knowledge Organiser

Anglo Saxon and Vikings Knowledge Organiser 1

Forces Knowledge Organiser

Forces Knowledge Organiser 1
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Spring 2019

Happy New Year!


The children have made a fantastic start to 2019.


This term we will be studying a geography topic, 'Rainforests'.  The children will be finding out:

What is a tropical rainforest?

How are tropical rainforests different to other forests?

Where are the world’s tropical rainforests?

Which animals and plants live in tropical rainforests?

Why are tropical rainforests vital to life on Earth?

What do tropical rainforests look like?

What is the climate like in tropical rainforests?

What dangers are faced by rainforests?


At the end of half-term, the whole school is presenting work on the theme 'Wonders of the World'.  Year 5 will be studying the Harbour of Rio in Brazil as part of this theme.  


In our English work we will be writing reports, poems and travel brochures about rainforests and the Harbour of Rio.


In maths we will be teaching the children formal written methods for multiplying and dividing.

Following this, the focus will be on fractions, decimals and percentages for the rest of term.


In science, we will be completing our work studying materials and their properties, before moving on to study Forces, including gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction


We will be looking at the art of Henri Rousseau and Jeannie Baker as part of our work studying rainforests.


The children will be working on Gymnastics indoors, and a variety of invasion games and large ball skills in outdoor sessions





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Autumn 2018

Welcome to Year 5!


The children have all made a fantastic start to the new term and are all eager to learn!


Our topic this term is 'Natural Disasters'.   Please do all you can to help your child learn about our topic by visiting libraries, reading books at home, watching relevant TV shows and looking online.



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Important Information

PE-    Children will need to wear school PE kit. This consists of: a plain white t-shirt, plain navy or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms/ thick full length leggings and a plain navy or black tracksuit top if required.


PE will be on Tuesday afternoons following the Autumn half-term holiday.  


Homework- Year 5 will be set homework every Friday. This needs to be in school by the following Wednesday.   Homework club runs every Thursday for children who need to complete their task in school-time.


Music  Year 5 children will be learning to play violin or guitar this year on Thursday afternoons.


Planners- Planners need to be in school daily so children can record their reading and merits. Children should read at home three times a week from their reading scheme book. A signature is required weekly from a parent or carer. Planners will be checked every Monday.


Don't forget that planners now also include a record of any 'Merits' your child may have received during the week.


Key Dates

Meet the Teacher meetings will take place on Tuesday 11th September. There will be sessions at: 3:30, 4:30 and 5:15pm.

Parents' Evening will take place on Tuesday 23rd October ( 3.30 - 5.30) and Wednesday 24th October (3.30 - 7.00).

The School Shakespeare Festival production of 'Macbeth' will be on Thursday 22nd November at 7pm at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford

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Meet The Teacher Presentation 2018