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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


6. Making inferences and thinking outside the box homework due in Monday 22nd October

In guided reading sessions (that the children do each day) we have been talking and looking at making inferences and looking at recall questioning. We give the children a picture as a stimulus and ask them to write about what they can see, what they think they might hear and what if they were in the picture could they see. All children are used to this as part of the guided sessions so they should be familiar with the format. We hope that the autumn scene will promote lots of discussion at home. 

5. Maths - More than, Less than and Equal to homework due in Monday 15th October

Lately we have been learning about how to show a number is more than, less than or equal to another number, or group of objects. The children know that words can be used to show this and they also know now that we can use the symbols < (less than) > (more than) and = (equal to). The homework this week will help to consolidate some of the lessons we have been working on. There are two differentiated sheets so children will get a choice to support their learning. 

4. Book review homework due in Monday 8th October

Throughout guided reading sessions we have been reading different books and we thought this week we would bring the love of books at home into school. The children are now doing so well with these sessions that we would like them to complete a book review for a book of their choice. It can be any book at all and one that they can give a rating out of 5 stars. This combines trying to use our best handwriting to write sentences, use the skills we have been learning in art to draw a picture of the front cover and also then to read it back so we can read our own work. 

3. Creative art homework due in Monday 1st October

In art we have been studying an artist named Frida Kahlo; recently we have been learning how to draw different lines, then how to use them in a self portrait. We have used straight lines, curved lines, thin lines, think lines, circular lines, swirls and zig-zags. All of these techniques we have been building on to create some fabulous self portraits. We would like children to continue to use these in their homework this week and thought it would be nice to bring in the current autumnal scenes. 

2. Identifying an animal and what the animal eats due in Monday 24th September

This homework links to our current topic where we have been discussing classifying animals depending on whether they are a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore. 

1. Counting to 10 and adding on 1 more and 1 less than the answer due in 17th September 2018

This homework is designed for children to practice their counting skills and to add on what one more than the answer is and what one less is.