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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Summer 1 Week 3 homework due in Tuesday 7th May - Create your own super hero

Summer 1 Week 1 homework due in Tuesday 23rd April- Maths measurement homework

Spring 2 Week 4 homework due in Monday 25th March- Maths and number homework

Over the last few weeks and before we finish the end of term, we have had some tricky maths with numbers up to 50. If you can continue to support your child counting to 50 that would be brilliant. They have all made some excellent progress with their numbers, including using the stem sentences in lessons. 

There are _____ tens and _____ ones. The number it makes is ______. I know this because ____ tens + ____ ones = _____. ____ + _____ = _____.



There are 4 tens and 2 ones. The number it makes is 42. I know this because 4 tens + 2 ones = 42. 40 + 2 = 42. 

Spring 2 Week 3 homework due in Monday 18th March- plant hunt

This week is a plant hunt homework. If you are able to take a walk out, or when you're on a ride in the car see if you can spot the plants. If not don't worry...can you tell us about your favourite plant and why. Remember to write in a full sentence starting with a capital letter, adding in finger spaces and ending your sentence with a full stop. 

Spring 2 Week 2 homework due in Monday 11th March- Reading homework

We hope you are all ready for World Book Day this week. It is an exciting time and we have chosen the homework this week so you can share a book with your child. In school we love reading and would love for you to share your favourite book together or any favourite family book. Then if you give it a star rating we are trying to extend children's reasoning. We have added some stem sentences to give children support. We look forward to seeing some fun and interesting characters at our reading breakfast on Friday 8th March. 

Spring 2 - week 1 homework due in Monday 4th March- Creating a character, setting or object

This week we are hoping you will support your child to draw and create a character, setting or object from our book Jack and the beanstalk. This next week we are going to be retelling the story before changing it and with each child contributing to our story board, we know this will promote interest in the text and allow the children to extend their oral retell. Please send them into school on a piece of paper or in your child's homework book as we can photocopy them and then laminate them for our reading area. 

Spring 1 - week 6 homework due in Monday 25th February - Creative writing homework

What a wonderful end to a superb half term! For those that could make the Wonders of the World exhibition in the hall, we are sure you will agree how fantastic it was to see the success of the children's learning showcased in such a fabulous display. Year 1 certainly did the team proud with their efforts, including their persuasive postcard writing, homework creations, watercolour paintings and collages. 

For homework we thought it would be nice to continue the creativity and let minds run wild. We are asking that the children write a simple story featuring a waterfall. They could use some of the facts we have learnt or make up their own story using their own ideas. It will be lovely to read some of these when we get back to school. The support frame will help to support with sentence openers and some of our spellings. The story doesn't have to be long and feel free to talk to your child about their ideas. If they feel a whole story is a little tricky, maybe they could just write a few sentences for the beginning of the story. 


Spring 1 - week 5 homework due in Monday 10th February - Creative homework


As we are into our wonder of the world Victoria Falls we would like the children to draw or make the
waterfall. They can include labels if they wish and can present it any way they wish.

Remember there is the knowledge organiser if you need to see what it looks like.

Spring 1 - week 3 homework due in Monday 28th January Subtraction to 10 or 20

We will shortly be heading onto subtraction within 20 and to give the children a head start we have given the children this homework. It has been set with either numbers up to 10 to consolidate learning or numbers to 20. Any counting up to 20 either forwards or backwards will help support the children with their teen numbers and will be consolidating learning we have done in class. 

Spring 1 - week 2 homework due in Monday 21st January

For homework this week we are hoping to consolidate the children's learning on shape. We have been looking at 3D and 2D shapes in Maths. The children have enjoyed completing the challenges in school, so this is one to do at home. You will see we have added in a level of challenge that the children feel comfortable to complete. Please feel free to support them as talking through the shapes will help them to remember some of the properties. We have used words such as edges/sides, faces, vertices (corners) and these make up the properties of the shape. For example a triangle has 3 sides and 3 vertices. A square has 4 equal sides and 4 vertices and other shapes that have 4 sides include: rectangle, rhombus, trapezium and kite. 


Spring 1 - week 1 homework due in Monday 14th January

We are having a focus on reading this week to open up the half term and hope that you will join us in supporting your child throughout the term to read at home. So to kick start the New Year we thought it would be fun to read in an unusual place or in an unusual way. It might be something you might like to carry on in the half term to have some fun with reading. The love of books is so important and the children have been enjoying some new books in guided reading this week so we would like to carry this through to reading at home and enjoying them. If you want to take any photos you can send them into school. 

6. Homework due in Monday 17th December


This week we have decided that seen as the children have been rehearsing hard for the nativity, we would like it if this weekend you will share a book together or take in some fresh air in the great outdoors. We look forward to hearing about your weekend on Monday.

5. Maths missing numbers homework due in Monday 10th December

As most of the children have said how much they have enjoyed their Maths homework, we have given them some more this week. We are asking if children can write the missing numbers on the Christmas trial. If you can support your child to write the numbers with the correct formation that would be super. We have also said that they may like to write the numbers to 20 out in word format. 

4. Maths homework due in Monday 3rd December

As we have been learning about addition and showing our number sentences in different ways, we have given the children some addition facts to solve. The homework is differentiated 3 ways, so your child may have 1-10, 1-20 or 1-40. The number track is there to support children. They can use it as a number line as well. They know when we add numbers that the numbers are getting bigger. 


Also for your information they may wish to draw a part whole model.

The children have been learning: part + part = whole.

They have also used the stem sentence - one part is ______ and the other part is______ and the whole is ______


Children have made fabulous progress with addition, so any support you offer at home will be beneficial. 

3. Writing a letter homework due in Monday 26th November


After a fabulous and entertaining visit to Skipton Castle, we thought it would be nice to continue our writing skills at home by the children writing a thank you letter to their guide. The tour guides we had were called: Peter, Tim and Barry. They were phenomenal and so knowledgeable! We know some children might find some of the words tricky, so please feel free to support their learning. One of the main aspects is that they can talk to you about why we would like to thank them for the trip around the castle and possibly add in their favourite part of the visit. From the feedback from children some of their favourite parts were: looking down the long drop, lunch, firing an arrow through the arrow slit windows and the spiral staircase...oh and not forgetting the trip to the dungeons. When the tour guides turned out the lights, we all held hands. Thankfully we were not kept down their like the prisoners who stayed down for up to 13 weeks. Phew!!

2. Art and design homework due in Monday 19th November

The children are really enjoying learning about the new fairy tale Princess and the Pea. We are about to move to retelling the story. As part of our discovery we have been asking children to think about their favourite characters. We know that the children have been enjoying all aspects of the curriculum and so we thought this week they would enjoy the freedom of being able to present their homework as they wish. They can draw, paint or make a model of their favourite character. It has been so lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about their homework so thank you for your continued support. 

1. Favourite part of the story homework due in Monday 12th November

Welcome to our traditional tales topic - to begin the homework this half term we are asking children to talk to you about their favourite traditional tales story. It would be lovely if you have time to share your favourite stories. With this in mind, we have asked if the children can draw a picture of their favourite part of the story and then if they wish to challenge themselves then they can add labels or an explanation to tell us why it is their favourite. We hope you find this topic enjoyable as we are already looking forward to sharing traditional tales together at school. 

7. Half term bingo

The children have worked so well this half term, we thought this would be fun for them to recharge their batteries and also enjoy the holidays. Of course it would be lovely for them to keep up with their reading and feel free to enjoy books at home. If you do, add them into their reading logs so we can see what they have been reading. Enjoy the half term and we will welcome you back on Monday 5th November. 

6. Making inferences and thinking outside the box homework due in Monday 22nd October

In guided reading sessions (that the children do each day) we have been talking and looking at making inferences and looking at recall questioning. We give the children a picture as a stimulus and ask them to write about what they can see, what they think they might hear and what if they were in the picture could they see. All children are used to this as part of the guided sessions so they should be familiar with the format. We hope that the autumn scene will promote lots of discussion at home. 

5. Maths - More than, Less than and Equal to homework due in Monday 15th October

Lately we have been learning about how to show a number is more than, less than or equal to another number, or group of objects. The children know that words can be used to show this and they also know now that we can use the symbols < (less than) > (more than) and = (equal to). The homework this week will help to consolidate some of the lessons we have been working on. There are two differentiated sheets so children will get a choice to support their learning. 

4. Book review homework due in Monday 8th October

Throughout guided reading sessions we have been reading different books and we thought this week we would bring the love of books at home into school. The children are now doing so well with these sessions that we would like them to complete a book review for a book of their choice. It can be any book at all and one that they can give a rating out of 5 stars. This combines trying to use our best handwriting to write sentences, use the skills we have been learning in art to draw a picture of the front cover and also then to read it back so we can read our own work. 

3. Creative art homework due in Monday 1st October

In art we have been studying an artist named Frida Kahlo; recently we have been learning how to draw different lines, then how to use them in a self portrait. We have used straight lines, curved lines, thin lines, think lines, circular lines, swirls and zig-zags. All of these techniques we have been building on to create some fabulous self portraits. We would like children to continue to use these in their homework this week and thought it would be nice to bring in the current autumnal scenes. 

2. Identifying an animal and what the animal eats due in Monday 24th September

This homework links to our current topic where we have been discussing classifying animals depending on whether they are a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore. 

1. Counting to 10 and adding on 1 more and 1 less than the answer due in 17th September 2018

This homework is designed for children to practice their counting skills and to add on what one more than the answer is and what one less is.