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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School

Home Learning

Autumn 2

Ways you can support your child this half term…

· Talk about how to keep safe around bonfires and fireworks.

· Talk about seasonal change. Encourage them to notice the leaves changing colour, the darker nights and the change in weather.

· Continue to sing lots of nursery rhymes at home together.

· Practise counting and reciting numbers at every opportunity.

· Talk about the size of objects and try putting them in order by length or height.

· Talk about how they use kind words with their friends and family and how to be a good friend.

· Share Traditional Stories and encourage your child to join in retelling them.

Autumn 1

Ways you can support your child this half term…

* Talk about the seasons. Discuss what the weather is like in summer and the clothes we wear. 

* Play games together that encourage sharing and turn-taking.

* Encourage your child to tidy away their own toys.

* Let your child help match up their socks. Talk about the colours and patterns.

* Sing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes'. Make up new versions with different body parts.

* Talk about similarities and differences within their family.

* Visit the local library and borrow some books to share together.

* Visit the local playground together.

* Encourage your child to put on their own coat and shoes.

* Encourage your child to become independent when using the toilet.