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Thanks to all who sponsored our children we have raised enough money to buy a defibrillator through our sponsored run/walk a mile. Today 21st July we had Simon Seary and Mark Harrison who talked to us about this life saving equipment and how it will benefit the whole community. They thanks us for all our efforts and presented the defibrillators to one of the students on behalf of the school.

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Year 5 treated us to an entertaining series of musical interludes. The whole school came to watch. Our violins and guitars students enjoyed playing with an audience and have inspired our younger students. Everyone enjoyed the event and we look forward to hosting another next year with our new year 5 students.


Leeds Book Awards 

A group of year 6 children have been avidly reading 6 new books this term, all of which were nominated for the Leeds Book Awards.  We've been meeting regularly to discuss the books, write reviews and vote for our favourite.  We all took a walk down to Pudsey Civic Hall on Tuesday 16th May to enjoy the awards ceremony and meet (nearly) all the authors!  It was a fantastic, fun and inspiring morning.  You can see some photos from the day below.  Curtis Jobling, author of 'Max Helsing' turns out to be the artist who designed Bob the Builder.  He showed us with a quick sketch how easy it is for Bob to become a werewolf! (see below!)

Leeds Book Awards Ceremony

There was an amazing discovery in Pudsey Waterloo Primary School before the Easter holidays - dinosaur bones were uncovered by Dave in the corner of our playground!  Each year group had a chance to become palaeontologists and uncover some more of the amazing skeleton.  By the end of the day, a whole 'Deinonychus' skeleton had been revealed!  For the rest of the week, teachers and pupils abandoned planned lessons and got to work, writing about the dinosaur and drawing and painting it. Some wonderful reports, stories, letters and pictures were the result.   The deinonychus is now proudly on display in our atrium with all the work he inspired.  Year One have named him 'Dave' in honour of his finder.

Decorated Egg Competition

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Phil Earle - author visit

World Book Day was a great success last Thursday!  On the Tuesday before World Book Day itself, Key Stage Two were able to meet the author Phil Earle, who spoke for an hour and then signed copies of his great books.  He was highly entertaining - and inspiring too.  Grace was lucky enough to get a chance to dress as Parallel Parking Man!

On World Book Day we held a very popular reading breakfast in the atrium and library before school.  Parents and children read books together while enjoying coffee, tea and pastries.  During the day, children had plenty of chances to abandon their lessons and 'Drop It and Read!'  They had book swaps with other children in their year group and many classes read with children in other year groups.  The focus of the day was 'Illustrators' and all the children took part in activities related to this.  Everyone had a wonderful day!

Marvellous Monarchs day

Marvellous Monarchs day 1
We hope you enjoyed our Marvellous Monarchs day on the 10th February. Our History museum was a stroll back in time, covering more than 500 years of English kings and Queens, from Richard 3rd to our current Queen, Elizabeth 2nd. There was a variety of things on display; models, writing, portraits and even digital displays which brought our famous monarchs back to life.

Key Stage Two Christmas Concerts

Many thanks to all at Pudsey Parish Church for making us so welcome for the Key Stage Two Christmas Concerts.  And also many thanks to all the parents and carers for their support with costumes and line learning etc, as well as to those who helped us walk to the church on the day and/or came to enjoy the performance.

Shakespeare Schools Festival

Shakespeare Schools Festival 1
Shakespeare Schools Festival 2

Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to perform their production of “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford on the evening of October 19th

Their performance was hugely enjoyed by all those who attended: an audience of nearly 200 people.  The children had a wonderful time too!

The children performed a specially abridged version of the play, but delivering the original Shakespearean dialogue, in a professional theatre setting. 

It was a huge challenge for all the children to rehearse and learn their parts in the time available.  We were all thrilled at their enormous commitment and enthusiasm and the quality of what they produced.  We would also like to thank all the parents for their hard work supporting the children at home with line learning and general encouragement.
You can read a very kind review of our production from the team at Shakespeare Schools Festival here:

Review of the production

Our autumn school disco will be held on Wednesday 9th November 16


Nursery and Reception 2:30 to 3:15

Year 1, 2 and 3 will be at 3:30 to 4:40

Years 4, 5 and 6 will be at 4:45 to 5:45

Fancy dress will be optional. We hope to see you there.


Tickets are available from the office


DT Week 2016

The week beginning 23rd May 2016 was DT week at Pudsey Waterloo. Classes across school enjoyed an innovative and creative week with a focus on DT.  There was an array of exciting projects so well done to everyone that took part!

Here is what each year group got up to…

Year 1 Windmills

The children were shown a variety of windmills to demonstrate what they looked like and their purpose. Leading on from this, they focused on the sails of a windmill and went on do design and make their own. After that, they designed the base of their windmill, linking in some of what they had learnt in the topic. Finally, the children used marker pens to draw their design onto the base and put it all together. The children are now thinking about where to put their windmill...

Year 2 Kite Making

Our project in Year 2 was making a kite. We began by looking at the different types of kites that could be made and which would be the easiest for us to make. We designed our kite with our own pattern and tail. We spoke about how the plastic needs to be strong, yet light to ensure it will fly but not break.

We made our kites out of plastic, wooden doweling, ribbon, tape and string. We measured the doweling to ensure we had a cross structure. We tapes the two pieces of doweling together using tape and then stuck on our piece of plastic. We then cut the plastic to the correct shape of the kite, drew and coloured patterns to make it bright and stand out and stuck on the string and tails.

We are waiting for a windy day to fly our kites …

Picture 1

Year 3 Bridge Building

Our project in Year 3 was Bridge Building. We began by discussing what the purpose of a bridge is. Then we looked at the different types of bridges, focusing particularly on the differences between beam, truss, arch and suspension. We spoke about how these differences are important when deciding what kind of bridge would work best in any given situation. Relating our project to real life, we learned how engineers need to take into account the bridge purpose and location before choosing a best bridge design.

Looking at the various bridges, we discussed what they all had in common. From this, we were able to learn about the structures of each bridge and we discussed the different shapes that were used in the construction determining which bridge would be the strongest, which would be the weakest and why.


Leading on from this investigative work, the pupils were set a challenge which was to use what they had learned about bridges to design and build a bridge which could hold the most weight using lolly pop sticks, straws, pipe cleaner and glue as their construction materials. Here are some photographs of how we got on…

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Year 4 Tapestry

The foundation of DT week was based heavily around Yorkshire landscapes, David Hockney, textures, shapes, materials, recycling and the environment. Across both year 4 classes, the children researched, designed and created a 3x3 metre tapestry incorporating many different techniques and aesthetics. The project was co-facilitated by Laura Brownhill, a contemporary artist with a background including puppetry, design, imagery production, textiles, music, dance and performance. 

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Year 5 Victorian Toy Trains

Our project in Year 5 was to make Victorian toy trains. We chose this project because we were learning about Victorian Children as our topic. We began by looking at different models of toy trains they might have played with in the Victorian era and then had a look at some modern toy trains. We talked about how would be best to create the funnels for the trains and how to attach the wheels.

Most of our learning was based around woodwork and joining materials together. We used rulers to measure out the pieces of doweling and then used saws to cut them accurately. We used PVA glue and pieces of triangular card to join the wood together to create our chassis. We used the bottom part of empty water bottles as the body for the train and the top part of the water bottle for the funnels. We wrapped them in paper before attaching so it could be painted.

We attached the axels and wheels using wooden pegs and small, round doweling and we used a net for a cuboid to create the back part of the train. Once everything was attached and joined together we painted our trains to make them look like trains Victorian children would have liked to have played with.

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Year 6 – Boat making – Kensuke’s Kingdom

Our project in Year 6 was boat making linked to a book we had read by Michael Morpurgo called ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. Before we made the boats as a class we discussed what types of water vehicles the children knew about e.g. ferries, cruise ships and even kayaks. We then went into further depth to discuss how all these boats are different and have various purposes. We then looked at boats that are built to travel the world and paid particular attention to the shape and features of these boats.


We then linked this learning back to the book and investigated how the characters relied heavily on their boat to keep them safe throughout storms. As well as this the boat was said to ‘be like home’ for them so we had to consider what our boat would need to ensure it had living space. We then looked at parts of a ship including the mast, stern and port holes to ensure that we were thinking of key features that were needed.


Before the children started the making process they drew a sketch of their model and labelled it – this also included any materials that they would need.

The children then used papier mache on half of a milk bottle to gain the structure for the boat. After they had used enough layers and it was dry we then used acrylic paint to colour the boats. The following day the children added any detail to their boats such as living quarters, the mast, sails and windows etc. 

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Pudsey Carnival

This year we took part in the Pudsey Carnival with the theme being films. We had a fantastic time and won the prize for best walking float!

For more information about the day visit

Leeds Book Awards

Some of Year 5 have been taking part in the Leeds Book Awards this year, reading all the nominated titles and meeting regularly to discuss their favourites and post reviews on the Leeds Book Awards website.  On Monday 23rd June, the children were able to go to the awards ceremony itself and listen to all six authors answer questions about their books from schools - and hear the winner announced!  The final winner was Gorilla Dawn by Gill Lewis - you can see a photo of Gill below wearing a gorilla costume!  Our group's favourite book was My Brother's A Superhero by David Solomons and the children all wanted to have David sign their copy.

Leeds Book Awards 2016