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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Autumn 2 - Do all stories end 'happily ever after'?

Our driver for this half term is history. We will be learning about significant people including the roles of kings and queens. Our trip to Skipton castle fits in nicely with this topic as we will get to explore what it was like to live in historical times. We will be using what we find out about castles to create our own during our DT sessions and writing a non-chronological report in English about knights and castles. Our fiction focus in English will be fairy-tales and traditional stories and we will be innovating our own. 

Autumn 1 - Are all dinosaurs deadly?

Our driver for this half term is science. We have been learning all about dinosaurs and animals. We sorted animals into the correct groups - mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects. We explored which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores based on what they eat. The children enjoyed looking at things that are alive, once alive or non-living and sorting them into the correct groups. In English, we have learnt about dinosaurs during our whole class guided reading sessions and during our writing sessions. Did you know there was a dinosaur loose in Pudsey? The children have helped the police by creating step-by-step instructions on how to catch the dinosaur.