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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Summer 2 Year 1 update (12th June 2019) Are there pirates in Pudsey?


English - This half term we are moving onto writing stories based on the book ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. It is a fantastic book and it has already captured the children’s imaginations. We will be writing our own stories and innovating the story using some super vocabulary that we have been learning about. We have been learning about the words scavenging, scrumptious, devoured, peered and perched. We have a focus on presentation and handwriting this half term to really ensure that we are moving towards being ready for year 2. 


Maths - We begin the final half term withposition and direction. Children will learn the terms left, right, above, behind, forwards and backwards to describe and give direction. This unit also includes both left and right turns, full turns, half turns and three quarter turns. We then move onto our place value unit to 100. Children will revisit skills we have been learning with smaller numbers and focusing on the stem sentences to support their learning. Children will also look at money so if you can support our learning by allowing children to become familiar with coins at home that would be great. You could even ask them to add the coins or subtract them. One of our later units will be on time. Children in year 1 need to be aware of how to read time to the hour and half hour. Time is a difficult concept to gather so if you can also support this at home children will benefit from all the opportunities to practise their skills. 


Our topic this half term relates to a geography focus. Children will be looking at the local area and comparing it to the coast. The trip to Scarborough will allow the children to see the coast we have been talking about in lessons in school. 

Summer 1 Year 1 update (14th April 2019) Do all heroes have super powers? 


English - In English are about to embark on an adapted version of the Fairy tale. We are sure it is one that the children will enjoy. This half term we will be looking at super heroes and our book will not disappoint. Throughout the half term we will be securing sentence structure and ensuring that children remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Our grammatical focus will start on comparative words that end in -er or -est (for example tall, taller and tallest.) Please look out on our page for updates. 



Maths - To start the half term we are going to be looking at measurement and comparing lengths and heights to see if they are shorter/longer or taller/smaller. We will then look to measure objects in and around the classroom with non specific measurements such as paper clips, cubes and hands. After that we will examine objects using a ruler and working in centimetres (cm). We will then look at weight and volume which will include using weighing scales and looking at equal weights using cubes. All this while continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s in preparation for our multiplication and division learning towards the end of the half term. Any support with counting at home will continue to embed our learning that we are doing in school. 


Science - We will be delving into animals again in science and looking at living things and their habitats. The children will be finding out more about the animals and how they live in their habitats including what a food chain looks like. 


We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and we look forward to welcoming the children back in the morning ready for learning. It's going to be an 'eggciting' first week back!

Spring 2 Year 1 update (7th March 2019)


English - In English we have been retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week. Mr Parker did an assembly on taking pride in things and this week our children have really listened to this. The children have taken great pride in the presentation of their story and they have enjoyed retelling it...especially where the Giant bellows "Fee Fi Fo Fum!"


Maths - We are going to be moving onto numbers to 50 now. This is a large jump for children, however we have been preparing for this by looking at numbers to 20, place value and adding/subtracting using resources. They can partition (break apart) a number now and they can show you a number in different ways. Throughout the week we have been using part whole and bar models as well as completing fact families. The standard of Maths is so impressive and they never fail to astound us with their skills. 


Science - This week has seen the end of our unit on materials. Children have learnt about different types of materials including: metal, glass, wood, plastic and fabric. They have also had some fabulous discussions on how to classify these and the properties they have. They have used some stem sentences and an example is below. 

The pencil (object) is made of wood (material) and it is not bendy and is hard (the properties).

We will be moving onto plants for the remainder of the half term and children have already been looking at what they know and asking some interesting questions that we will investigate over the next few weeks.

Spring 2 - Do all beanstalks lead to the clouds? 


This half term promises to be an interesting one and it will take us on a path to traditional tales. There will be familiar characters that the children will know or have heard of and we will be writing our own version of one particular story...involving a beanstalk. Can you guess which one it might be? 


During our maths lessons we will be focusing our attention on subtraction in the first few weeks. We will be continuing to use numbers up to 20 so any support with counting, one more, one less or addition or subtraction will support your child's learning. 


We will update the website on a weekly basis, so watch out for these. In the meantime, we hope you have enjoyed the holidays and we look forward to another half term of fun learning. 

Spring 1 - weeks 4-6 Victoria Falls knowledge organiser

As our adventure takes it's turn towards the south of Africa, we will be drawing our focus on Victoria Falls in the remaining 3 weeks. The knowledge organisers will be sent home with the homework books this week. It might be worth speaking to your child about the key facts and there are some pictures. The children have been doing so well when we have been learning about the continents and the oceans. We will link these into the last few weeks. We will update our page about our focus text this watch this space!
Our focus text for the start of the half term is The Snail and the Whale. The children have made a positive start to understand the book and the sequence of the story. They have also learnt some new vocabulary to aid their understanding. We have used our talk for writing in our English lessons and also used the story tray to retell the story. You will find if you ask the children about the story they will be able to tell you all about it. If they do start to retell the story maybe you could encourage a discussion on the vocabulary or adjectives.

Spring 1 - Have you got what it takes to be an explorer?

This half term our topic sails on into explorers as part of the history and geography curriculum. It promises to be an interesting half term with exciting opportunities throughout. The children will be learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans in the world before learning about significant explorers in history. In particular the main focus will surround Christopher Columbus and his adventures. 

The last 3 weeks will contribute to our whole school focus of the 7 wonders of the world and in year 1 we are going to be looking at Victoria Falls. It is a stunning waterfall in South Africa so there will be another knowledge organiser uploaded and sent out so please watch out for this. 


Please see our history knowledge organiser below, each child now has one in school and one in their homework book. This is to support your child's learning and allow them to develop their speaking and listening skills at home. It might promote discussion and allow the children to ask questions. We have included some key vocabulary that we will use in class and there are also pictures and key facts so that you can talk about these at home. 

Knowledge Organiser - Explorers

Autumn 2 - Do all stories end 'happily ever after?'

This half term links very closely to our history curriculum. The children will be learning about significant people in history. This will include the roles of Kings and Queens. Throughout the half term we will be focusing on fairy tales and traditional stories, so that children can extend their story writing. Of course, we will be visiting Skipton Castle and this will allow children to experience what it was like to live in historical times. It will be an exciting visit and this will promote lots of writing opportunities.

In maths, children will be developing their confidence with addition and subtraction within 10. It promises to be a busy half term, but there are so many exciting opportunities and I'm sure the children will be excited to share them with you. 

'This is me' week commencing 22nd October 2018

This week in school is our focus week 'This is me!' We will bring you the fun from the week as it happens. We will be looking at an inspirational person and we have chosen to look at HRH Prince Harry. We will be finding out all about the charities he supports and the positive things he does for others. This will link into us thinking about our aspirations. During the week there will be lots of opportunities to talk about these and share these with our friends. Please check in the gallery to see our updated photos over the course of the week. 


Autumn 1 - Are all dinosaurs deadly? 

This half term links very closely to our science curriculum. The children have been learning all about dinosaurs and animals. We have looked at groups of animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. The children sorted animals into groups and in provision they have been writing about their favourite animals. We will be exploring dinosaurs / animals further and talking about what they eat. 

Year One Common Exception Words and Tricky words