There has been lots going on in school over the past few weeks check out the class pages.

Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Autumn 2 - Do all stories end 'happily ever after?'

This half term links very closely to our history curriculum. The children will be learning about significant people in history. This will include the roles of Kings and Queens. Throughout the half term we will be focusing on fairy tales and traditional stories, so that children can extend their story writing. Of course, we will be visiting Skipton Castle and this will allow children to experience what it was like to live in historical times. It will be an exciting visit and this will promote lots of writing opportunities.

In maths, children will be developing their confidence with addition and subtraction within 10. It promises to be a busy half term, but there are so many exciting opportunities and I'm sure the children will be excited to share them with you. 

'This is me' week commencing 22nd October 2018

This week in school is our focus week 'This is me!' We will bring you the fun from the week as it happens. We will be looking at an inspirational person and we have chosen to look at HRH Prince Harry. We will be finding out all about the charities he supports and the positive things he does for others. This will link into us thinking about our aspirations. During the week there will be lots of opportunities to talk about these and share these with our friends. Please check in the gallery to see our updated photos over the course of the week. 


Autumn 1 - Are all dinosaurs deadly? 

This half term links very closely to our science curriculum. The children have been learning all about dinosaurs and animals. We have looked at groups of animals including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. The children sorted animals into groups and in provision they have been writing about their favourite animals. We will be exploring dinosaurs / animals further and talking about what they eat. 

Year One Common Exception Words and Tricky words