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Pudsey Waterloo Primary School


Computing in the new curriculum, what does it mean for our children?


We welcome the changes from ICT to computing as it gives more opportunities for our children to understand the basics of programming, networking, coding and communicating in our digital world. In turn, this will help prepare them for the jobs of the future. There is a strong emphasis on digital literacy and what that means for individuals today. Throughout school pupils access a range of computing which takes place from nursery to year 6. Children enjoy using the technology to move their learning forward.

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Autumn Update

This half term we have been lucky to have Trevor Harris in school to deliver some lessons and training on Internet Safety. Trevor has taught in many school across the country and globe; he focusses particularly on being safe online and knowing the dangers.


He delivered training to staff, governors and parents when concerning keeping children safe and the children in KS2 had the opportunity for a lesson on E:Safety with Trevor.


The children understood key messages about being safe online and feel more confident in what to do in different situations.


Please click the below file to view slides related to the training.


Summer Update

This year we have been trying to raise the awareness of a fantastic program in school we have called Active Learn previously known as Bugclub. 


The program has interactive books that the children can access in school, at home and on tablets as it now has it's very own app as Active learn! 


Many children have started to access the software and are enjoying being able to read interesting online books and gain points to buy things with. After reading a chapter or section of a book the children have to answer questions about what they have read which requires the children to think deeply about what they have read.


Another great feature of the software is it's ability to read books  out loud to children, this is particularly helpful in KS1 when children are developing their reading abilities. 

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Spring Update

This half term we have had many exciting things happening with computing such as an E:Safety day and a visit from a Cyber safety show as well as our local police officers.


On Safer Internet Day the children had a whole day to discuss issues around using technology but also looked at the benefits and how it helps society. KS2 then had a Cyber safety assembly that looked at how to stay safe online and protect themselves. 


Our local police officer discussed with children the importance of being polite and well mannered online and explained what happens when people don't use the internet in an appropriate way. 


The children had a great time exploring the web and found the conversations enlightening, they also were able to voice any questions or concerns about using the internet.




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